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      National consulting line


      Product Application

      It is widely used in notebook computers, intelligent educational robots, TV sets, security intercom cameras, smart home, preschool education point reading pen story machine, projectors, smart home appliances, vehicular, GPS navigation, etc

      Company strength

      16 years focus on electroacoustic components focus on miniature electroacoustic machines, set research and development, production, sales in one.

      Quality assurance

      With the service concept of attentive service, customer first, customer satisfaction and profit for customers, we can ensure that customers will never worry about it。

      • MAJOR
      • CARE
      • SERVICE
      • QUALITY
      • STRENGTH


      Years of focus on the production of speakers, microphones, buzzers

      Excellent material and durable

      Respect, trust, self-discipline, standard as the company's core corporate culture. In the factory, the implementation of full automation, dacang quality, focus, with 20 years of industry experience, durable products.

      Strictly the production process

      Being recognized by many well-known enterprises in the world

      The company has the domestic industry advanced production line, and equipped with the industry advanced testing, experimental instruments and research and development equipment, the company has strong technical force, has a senior engineer and senior management personnel in the industry, can fully ensure the customer product development, delivery, quality and service.

      Specification more and the variety is complete

      And provide customized solutions for customers

      With comprehensive product research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities, covering every important link of the industry chain to provide cost-effective solutions for customers. The company has a stock warehouse of 2000 square meters, the production of more than 300 models, complete specifications, widely applicable.

      Excellent after-sales service

      Professional one-on-one guidance counselor, so that you will have no worry about after-sales service

      We will provide you with high-quality products for free.

      We will provide you with technical guidance counselors one-on-one, and provide you with technical support in the process of production and use.

              Shanghai Intensity Electronic co., LTD., founded in 2005 in Wusong Science and Technology Park, No.69 Tieshan Road, Baoshan District, is a professional group company engaged in the research and development, production and sales of electroacoustic components such as loudspeakers, miniature passive speakers, buzzers and microphones.
              The company has a group of industry professional R & D team, the product range covers: Customized sound cavity speaker, ultra-thin internal magnetic MYLAR speaker, high-quality paper basin speaker, medium and high grade passive speaker (TV speaker), micro composite film speaker, high sensitivity electret microphone, pin, patch type buzzer, Especially for notebook computers, security voice and visual intercom electro-acoustic products (speakers, microphones, buzzers), LCD TV, tablet PC built-in speaker speakers have higher professional advantages and years of development practice experience in the industry. Products are widely used in LCD TV, advertising machine, computer, intelligent household, multimedia security products (LCD, PC, PDA), children's education point of reading pen robot, communications (mobile phone, hands-free car, radio, telephone, etc.), professional Hi - Fi speakers, alarm equipment, intelligent household appliances, advertising machine, self-help vending machines, etc.

      Strive to meet a better life!


      Quality is a basic requirement of IEC. We manage every detail and strive to do our best.



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